Mission & History

The Munday Library affirms the St. Edward's University mission and its foundations within the Holy Cross tradition by fostering scholarship, teaching excellence, cultural diversity, religious freedom, and lifelong learning. The Library provides access to information in a variety of formats, encourages the pursuit of knowledge, and defends academic freedom. The acquisition of knowledge and the effective use of information are crucial to the mission of St. Edward's University; the Library serves to further this mission by respecting scholarly tradition while responding to technological change.

The Munday Library collects materials that support the curricular and research needs of a teaching university, one that emphasizes the exploration of social issues, ideas and values from an international perspective. The Library strives to provide the latest in information technology and guides users in utilizing and evaluating its resources. In addition, the Library cooperates with other libraries, allowing access to a broader range of materials and participating in a larger learning community.

The library staff demonstrates respect for users by providing equal access to library service and by recognizing individual learning styles and needs. Through its commitment to teaching information-seeking skills and strategies, the Library promotes critical thinking and scholarly independence. The library staff works together to create a comfortable learning environment and an atmosphere of respect and tolerance, not only among ourselves, but also in our relationships with library users.