Gifts & Donations Policy

The library may accept small gifts of up to thirty volumes if the materials meet the needs of the collection.  Larger gifts must be approved by the Library Director.  Gifts of periodicals are not accepted.  Multimedia donations are generally not accepted.  Exceptions must be approved by the Library Director.

Gifts are accepted according to the following stipulations:

  1. All gifts are final.  By the act of donation, the donor permanently relinquishes all rights to ownership and dispensation.
  2. The library reserves the right to dispose of gifts to its best advantage.
  3. In accordance with the donor’s wishes, book plates or other labels can be affixed to selected items showing the donor’s name and, if applicable, the person or cause in whose honor or memory the gift was made.
  4. In accordance with IRS regulations, the library cannot appraise gifts for tax purposes.  As part of the donation process the library will furnish the donor with documentations of the date of the gift, the number of titles, and the format(s) of the gift.
  5. Gifts of money to be used for the purchase of library materials are welcomed. Donors considering such gifts should consult with the Library Director.

Gifts of rare or valuable materials or special collections of scholarly importance that are in keeping with the scope of the library’s collection are also welcomed.  The acceptance of such special gifts is at the discretion of the library director.