Reserve Guidelines

Materials meeting the following criteria may be placed on reserve:

Library Materials

  • Items requested by an instructor for a specific class.
  • Items that must be used by a number of people within a short period of time.
  • Items that have a high risk of being stolen or damaged.

* The copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted materials. Instructors are responsible for submitting photocopies of printed materials and copies of software for reserve use. When you submit photocopies of a work published before March 1, 1989, please include any notice of copyright that appears in the original work. This will help readers determine whether the work is under copyright protection. If your submission does not include a copyright notice, the library will assume there was none in the original work. In accepting copied material for reserve, Munday Library assumes they have been made in compliance with the "Fair Use" provision of Section 107. Photocopied material placed on reserve for more than one semester requires permission from the copyright holder.

Non-Library Owned Materials

Personal Copies

Personal copies of materials may be placed on Reserve, especially in instances where the library cannot secure a copy of the title in time for class assignments or when the material is out of print. The library does not encourage this practice since the Library cannot assume responsibility for replacement of lost or damaged personal materials. Sticky labels are placed on all materials for identification. With your permission, personal copies of books are treated for the security system. Please let us know if this procedure is not appropriate for your material.


At the request of faculty, the Library will place on Reserve photocopied excerpts from copyrighted works in its collection in accordance with guidelines similar to those governing formal classroom distribution as mandated by the Copyright Act of 1976. In accepting copies material to be placed on reserve, the Munday Library assumes they have been made in compliance with the “Fair Use” provision of Section 107. The instructor must request permission from the copyright holder to place material on reserve for more than one semester.

The following items generally will not be placed on reserve

  • Textbooks
  • Reference works
  • Non-circulating items
  • Materials borrowed from other institutions or obtained through interlibrary loan

Please inform your students of the following regulations:

  • Reserve materials are subject to overdue fines. Fines are steep and there is no grace period. Please set appropriate reserve regulations for your students.
  • A validated student ID card is required to checkout, photocopy, or read any reserve materials in the library.

To place items on reserve, please fill out our Reserves Request Form.