Skype the Library

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Why Skype with the Library?

  • Screen Sharing
    Skype allows us to share screens; we can see yours, or you can see ours.  This makes it easier to tell what's going wrong if you're having trouble finding information, and it allows us to better steer you through information resources.
  • Video Chat
    Skype also allows video chat; if you prefer to see who you're talking to, we're happy to connect with you in this way.  Sometimes it helps to see those non-verbal cues!
  • Studying Abroad
    No need for the phone!  If you're studying abroad, Skype can connect you to our research help services without requiring an international phone call.

How does it work?

  • Click on the button above if it reads I'm Online.
    • If you have Skype already installed, your call will begin shortly.
    • If not, you will be taken to to set up an account and download Skype to your computer.  Set up generally takes about 5 minutes.

What do you think?

Do you like this service?  Why did you choose to use Skype today?  If you didn't use Skype, do you think you would in the future?  Please leave your comments below, and an email address if you'd like a response.