Library Instruction

Library instruction sessions can be scheduled online or through your library liaison.

Course-related library instruction sessions are professor requested and can be tailored to a specific class assignment, a specific discipline, or can provide a basic introduction to library research. Library faculty will work with you to create an instruction session that meets the needs of your class.

The sessions need to be scheduled as far as possible in advance to ensure the availability of a librarian and preparation of materials.

Your class will benefit most from a library instruction session if you plan in advance and keep the following tips in mind:

  • If the library instruction will focus on a specific library assignment, plan the timing of the library session to coincide with the timing of the assignment.
  • Work with library faculty to design an appropriate assignment and library session that will meet class goals.
  • Explain the goals of the library instruction session to students.
  • Plan to attend the instruction session with your class and to add comments to the discussion to help students focus on course objective.
  • Provide syllabus and assignment information (due date, types of materials required, taboo or limited topics, etc.)